Introduction to Crystal Healing Workshops

Giving an overview of Crystal Healing Theory and Technique
Facilitated by Janelle Scialla, GNP ELCT ATH (Chair)

  • Level 1 Workshop Trusting Intuition 25th September, £50
    Basic meditation and healing techniques, learning to trust your intuition, the Chakras and corresponding crystals, Colour Therapy, Chakra balancing, easy ways to remember crystal properties, crystal cleansing, charging and programming, historical background
  • Level 2 Workshop Transformation 23rd October, £50
    The three main phases of rock formation, and their importance and relationship to Crystal Healing, crystals in space clearing, protection and Feng Shui, crystal gridding, and using crystals in meditation.
  • Level 3 Workshop Into the World   27th November, £55
    Making gem elixirs and crystal waters, using wands and control (personal) crystals, Laying on Stones

Courses Commencing September

Facilitated by Janelle Scialla, Jan Bradshaw, Anna McLaren and Clare Vause

  • Follow the Rainbow – Introduction to Energy Work and Self-Development
  • Full Spectrum Therapeutic Healing Diploma Course (2 Years)
  • Full Spectrum Crystal Healing Diploma Course  (3 Years)
  • Anatomy and Physiology Certificate Course (2 Years)
  • Counselling Skills Certificate Course (1 Year)

 Workshops and courses are held at Earthworks, located at Rebel Angel, next to the Cross Guns Pub in Avoncliff (near Bradford-on-Avon, Wilts)

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