On Keeping an Open Heart

I have often commented on how our personal experiences and issues are shared globally – in other words, how many of us will be going through the same emotional issues and challenges at the same time, even when our immediate experiences may appear superficially to be quite different. Never has this been so pronounced for me than over the past six weeks. From May into early June I had more than...

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Thoughts on the Recent Floods

I live within the area so badly hit by flooding over the last few weeks. The River Avon is just metres from my front door, but thankfully I am up a steep slope, and so far safe from the deluge. What has struck me while hearing accounts from those who were badly affected, is the inexorable rise of the water against all defences. Owners of homes and businesses with working flood barriers in place...

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The Wounded Healer Archetype

I am suddenly aware as I approach this subject, that I have a certain amount of discomfort around it. I know the reason. It is an issue that has had huge repercussions in my life, and will continue to do so. It opens up many arguments within the field of healing, as well as issues around boundaries and prejudice. The Archetypal representation of the wounded healer is the Ancient Greek myth of...

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Panning for Gold

As healers, most of us are familiar with the analogy of the onion, where the first step on our spiritual path is likened to removing the dry skin to reveal the soft white flesh beneath. During the course of our lives, we grow through the challenges we are faced with, often the same challenge repeating in different contexts, and the experience it brings, no matter how negative. Thus, another layer...

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