About Rainbow Path and Janelle Scialla

Rainbow Path embodies Janelle’s multi-dimensional approach to Therapeutic Healing.

Janelle originally trained in music, and worked for many years as an orchestral flute player, and later as a session singer and flute player as well as music teacher.

From 1993-1996 she studied healing in London with Elizabeth St John, founder member of the Association for Therapeutic Healers, and continued to work with her on her apprenticeship programme for a further year. Concurrently, she attended martial arts classes at the Quindo Centre with Khaleghl Quinn, and later became a member of the Crane Society. She began working intuitively with crystals during that time, followed by post-graduate work with the International College of Crystal Healing. She later trained with Dramis West, and is a Master Crystal Therapist. Other training includes a variety of modalities, including flower and gem essences, sound healing, and craniosacral therapy, as well as work with art and creativity, symbolism, tarot and alchemy.

She has been facilitating courses and workshops in healing and crystal healing since 2002, and regularly contributes articles to various magazines, websites and booklets. Janelle is a member of the Institute for Complementary and Natural Medicine (ICNM) and a registered senior practitioner with the British Register of Complementary Therapists (BRCP). She has served on the Council of the International Federation of Crystal Healers (IFCH), and more recently as Chair of the Association for Therapeutic Healers (ATH) from 2010-13. She is currently Principal of Earthworks School for the Healing Arts, and  owner of Rebel Angel Crystal Shop.

In 2004 Janelle conceived the idea of Full Spectrum Healing, a multi-faceted approach to Therapeutic Healing and self-development, reflecting the many aspects of her training and work. Full Spectrum Healing endeavors to give students both the knowledge and emotional intelligence to develop their own way of working. It has been running as a two-year diploma course since 2005, which is affiliated with ICNM, and accredited with ATH, and includes a postgraduate year for full qualification in Crystal Healing. Janelle has recently initiated a short introduction to her system, called Follow the Rainbow.

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